Intermodal Shipping Overview

When you use intermodal transport, you are using two or more means of transportation. The intermodal process usually involves shipping containers that move from vehicle to train and vice versa to complete the process. Due to the extensive network of the railing system within the US, intermodal shipping makes it possible to send shipments anywhere in the US and beyond.

Intermodal covers over 200 miles of land, meaning that you ship your product quickly and more efficiently. Our in-house experts help arrange your shipping to make the process easier.

Streamline Your Business's Shipping

At A-Logistics, our team is continuously focusing on the development of carrier capacity and technology. We rely heavily on intermodal transportation as a means for delivery of products like produce, solar energy products, and even clothing. We offer our clients clear, real-time updates to all our shipments, making the process easy for both parties.

cargo container ship in mediterranean coast

Temperature-Controlled Carriers

No matter what product you need to ship, A-Logistics makes it simple. We provide our clients with temperature-controlled carriers that make it easy to ship items like food or beverages.

Cross-Border Transports

We maintain relationships with trans-loading providers across various locations domestically and internationally. Ship your products across the Canadian and Mexican borders.

Drayage Services

The drayage process originates with the receiving of freighted goods at the intermodal point. Transport your goods over short distances, in a methodical way.

Wider Access

The comprehensive rail network makes it possible to send shipments far and wide. Also because there is less fuel required, you reduce your carbon footprint.

Get the Most Out of Intermodal

Shippers use intermodal transportation for a variety of reasons. More than ever, intermodal services are gaining momentum due to countless benefits like cost savings, and highway safety results. More reasons to use intermodal include:

Lower Shipping Costs


Endless Shipping Possibilities

Higher Capacity

MInimal Fees

Faster Shipping

Safe and Secure


Uncover a Wider Structure to Intermodal