Full Truckload

What is Full Truckload?

Full truckloads are freight shipments that travel and get delivered to their destination as the only shipment in the trailer. A full truckload means filling a dedicated truck with enough products to fill and move in a single drive. Full Truckload freights can weigh anywhere between 42,000 to 45,000 pounds, making them optimal for moving large shipments.

Understanding full truckload and figuring out the organization of each transport can be complex, A-Logistics is here to help simplify the process for your business.

Forklift is putting cargo from warehouse to truck outdoors

Dry Van

We provide transportation for the items that require dry conditions. This type of dry van is perfect for goods like clothing, machinery, home goods, and even some electronics. Using a dry van also means protection from severe weather, damage, and theft.

Our Network

We assist you with truckload services that span dry, refrigerated, and flatbed carriers.


Our temperature-control service allows for easy transportation of frozen products or products that require refrigeration. Many articles that fall under this category, like fresh produce. Temperature is easily adjusted to suit your freight needs.


When your items don’t fit inside traditionally enclosed trailers, we assist in the coordination of containers that are loaded and unloaded without difficulty. Flatbed trailers are ideal for oversized or irregularly shaped freight that is too big to fit in a regular freight.

How Can A-Logistics Optimize FTL

We carry the right technology and support system to help move your product from point A to point B. Our customized support gives is there with you every step of the way and keeps you updated on the location of your freight. All of our expert team is ready to assist in arranging your next transportation task.

Understanding the Benefits in Full Truckload Shipping

Cut Transportation Costs

Reduce the Number of Deliveries

Elminate the Risk of Damage

Positive Impact on Environment

Faster Transportation Delivery

Customized Solutions

24/7 Online Tracking


Are You Ready to Load and Move Your Product?