Air Freight

Global Air Freight Solutions

In a world with based on instant gratification, air freight allows for instant access to products that would otherwise be difficult to obtain via other modes of transportation. Air freight shipping is a critical aspect of the supply chain for many companies. With air freight, you can move shipments across the country or world in a quickly and safely.

We are proud to provide a service that moves shipment instantly and also allows us to offer the same value to each of our clients.

Your Options for Moving by Air

When it comes to moving your shipment by air, the first thing to you may think of is cargo planes. Although common, cargo planes are not the only option for transporting your goods. Depending on your exact requirements, your freight might qualify to travel by passenger or private charter. A-Logistics finds suitable transportation for all your shipping needs.

Airplane is taxiing to take off at the sunrise

Commercial Aircraft

Transport your smaller freight through the cargo area of a passenger plane. Many commercial planes that fly out every single day. We help transfer your shipment in a quick, economically savvy manner.

Cargo Aircraft

This form of transportation makes it possible to send large amounts of freight with fewer restrictions. The size of cargo airplanes makes it possible to accommodate shipments of all sizes.

Air Charter Service

With air charter, we make it possible to meet that tight shipping deadline. Air charter grants you exclusivity to meet your exact delivery requirements. Our service provides you with direct destination delivery with no transfers or stops.

Reasons to Choose Air Freight

When you need to ship your freight across the country or overseas in a quick manner, then air freight is the best option. Besides speedy delivery, other benefits include:

Low Warehouse Fees

Added Safety

Vast Service Area

Wide Capacity Access

Additional Delivery Times


Next Flight Out

Send your most time-sensitive shipments to their destination on the same day they ship.

Overnight Freight Service

Get delivery of your most urgent shipments to their destinations the very next day.

Second-Day Air

A highly affordable option that delivers your freight by the end of the second business day.

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